Each passing year that we live our lives brings us new opportunities to better ourselves in some way. The excitement of a brand new year brings us hope to dream big, desire more out of our lives and envision new goals to help us achieve a brighter future. A common tradition at the beginning of every January is the New Year’s resolution. Approximately one out of every three Americans takes part in this tradition and determines to better themselves in some way in the coming year. Unfortunately, a much smaller percentage of people actually follow through with their goals. A study conducted in 2002 found that 75% of people who set New Year’s resolutions stick to the goals, but six months later, less than half are still on target at about 46%.1 New Year’s resolutions and goal setting are commonplace in our society. So then why do we have such a high rate of failure so shortly after launch? Could it be that most people fail to take a comprehensive look at their situation(s) and carefully assess where they are in life and what they really want to achieve? In order to succeed at any goal, there must be a readiness to change.

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