of health to live a longer, stronger, and energetic life.

“Get Healthy For Life”, is the Ultimate Prescription and Practical Solution for Living Disease-free.

This book can save your life! In it, Dr. Dona Cooper-Dockery reveals the 9 secret pillars of health to live a longer, stronger, and energetic life. You will probably never read about these pillars in any other book or learn about them from your doctor but they are the cornerstone secrets to vibrant wellbeing, longevity, and disease prevention. This unique program has revolutionized the health of Dr. Cooper-Dockery’s patients, many of whom are now disease-free. Others are enjoying better health on fewer medications.

The book is evidence-based with health and nutritional facts, research summaries, and impacting stories that will inspire you to take decisive action to reach your goal of true and lasting health. It not only emphasizes healthy nutrition and regular physical exercise, but you will also learn other foundational principles necessary to promote wellness and healing, such as:

  • Healing from nature. The influence of sunlight on depression, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure.
  • Healing with timely rest. The importance of sleep in the prevention of obesity, diabetes, and other lifestyle diseases.
  • The need for access to healthcare screenings.
  • The impact of social relationships, happiness, optimism, and faith on your overall health.

Dona Cooper-Dockery, M.D., is a physician, author, and speaker who has dedicated over 25 years to positively changing healthcare outcomes nationally and internationally. She is also the founder and director of Cooper Internal Medicine and the Cooper Wellness and Disease Prevention Center where patients are not only diagnosed and treated using traditional healthcare approaches, but she also emphasizes uprooting the causes of chronic diseases through lifestyle modifications.

Her highly effective 12 weeks to wellness program has had significant life-changing results on her patients. Many of whom are enjoying more health with less medication, some have even gotten off medication entirely! Learn more about her work and get health resources at My Clinic and

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